Trango Raptor Ice Tools for Sale

  • Thursday, November 13, 2014 1:45 PM
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    I have a pair of last year's model of the Trango Raptor leashless ice tools for sale.  They have 1 season of light use on them, picks are well maintained and sharp.  Slight cosmetic nicks from normal wear and tear, but no structural damage.  Awesome tools for climbing pure water ice.

    These are the tools with a review by Dane at Cold Thistle.  Compare very favorably to Petzl Nomics at half the price.

    And here's another review:

    They were $175 each new ($350 total).  I'm looking to sell them, as a pair, for $275 (a bit over 20% off the original price) and I can deliver them to you.  I can probably meet or beat any offer you can find online, so please do your research.

    The reason I'm selling is that they're a great tool that I love using, but the handle is a little tight for me when wearing size XL heavily insulated mountain gloves.  They'd be good for anyone with less than huge hands.  They fit me great when I'm wearing my lighter gloves, but I want to be able to use them on super cold days with my biggest gloves.  I want to purchase a new pair based on this year's redesign that opened up the hand a bit to better fit bigger hands with bigger gloves, so am selling to offset the price.  Like I said, I love these tools.

    If interested, contact me directly and I can send pics.


    David Lysy
    2314 Colston Drive, #203
    Silver Spring, MD  20910
    c:  240-899-9654
    w:  202-512-5568
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