Yosemite National Park Trip

  • Saturday, September 03, 2016
  • Sunday, September 11, 2016
  • Tuolumne Meadows/Yosemite National Park, CA
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  • 6 spots confirmed available for 1 of 2 sites in Crane Flat Campground in Yosemite for 03-11SEP (Site 118)
  • 6 spots confirmed available for 2 of 2 sites at Crane Flat Campground in Yosemite. Reservation is split between Site 123 for 03-09SEP and Site 121 for 09-11SEP. You will have to move your tents on 09SEP.
  • 6 spots confirmed available for 1 of 2 sites in Tuolumne Meadows for 5-11SEP.

    An option will be offered to go out earlier...please see the trip description.
  • 6 spots confirmed available for 2 of 2 sites in Tuolumne Meadows for 5-11SEP.

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The Club is organizing a trip to Tuolumne Meadows/Yosemite National Park for the late summer of 2016.  Please carefully read everything below before registering SO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE REGISTERING FOR!


Anyone that at the very least, has experience following multi-pitch climbs.  You don't necessarily need to lead trad (it certainly helps), but you at least need to have some experience following.  You don't have to climb super-hard or have years of experience to have fun and find stuff to climb for a week in Yosemite/Tuolumne.  While we encourage people to register with a partner who also plans to go, we will try very hard to match people up that do not have a partner.  So if you don't have someone lined up to climb with, but know how to lead belay and/or lead climb, please register, let us know what your abilities are and any particular goals you have.  WHEN YOU COMPLETE REGISTRATION YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL...PLEASE READ THIS AND FIND THE LINK TO THE SPREADSHEET FOR THIS TRIP!


It's a little complicated...

The Club has 4 sites in total reserved, 2 at Tuolumne Meadows and 2 at Crane Flat Campground.  Both are inside the Park.  Crane Flat is in between Tuolumme Meadows and Yosemite Valley; about 30 min to Yosemite Valley (Camp 4 area) and about an hour to Tuolumne Meadows.  Each site can hold 6 people for a total of 24 available spots on this trip.  We want to limit the complications for tents at each site to 3 tents per site.  So buddy up!

Why these sites?  We wanted everything in Tuolumne, but reservations are extremely difficult to get this time of year in Yosemite.  We did our best and got two sites in Tuolumne and two closer to Yosemite Valley at Crane Flat so that people have some variety.  Assuming we keep what we have now, we will work with the group to allow people to swap between areas.  Of course, you are free to take a day or two and stay at another campground at your own cost (Upper Pines, Camp 4, etc).  It is possible we could still get everyone at Tuolumne...we'll continue to monitor site availability and make changes only if they fit with what the group wants.

Full campground regulations


  • 1 site at Crane Flat has a reservation for 03-11SEP (Saturday to Sunday), Site 118. (6 spots)
  • 1 site at Crane Flat has a reservation for 03-09SEP at Site 123 (Saturday to Friday) and then a second reservation for Site 121 for 09-11SEP.  You'll have to move your stuff on the 9th. (6 spots)
  • 2 sites (both) at Tuolumne Meadows have reservations for 05-11SEP. (12 spots)
We will be helping to put together a group to arrive on Wednesday, 31AUG for anyone that signs up for the trip, is willing to be flexible on plans and "roll the dice" a bit.  The plan would be to have a reserved site for 31AUG and then get in line around 6am on Thursday morning (01SEP) to get two of the first-come first-serve sites (half of Tuolumne sites are only available this way) to bridge the gap until the 5th.  If you're interested in doing this, answer YES on the registration question and we'll be in touch.  If you decide to go with this option, please be flexible with your plans.

Cars and getting around: we can have two cars at each site with other cars parked at a larger area nearby.  To get to most climbing areas you will need to drive at least a short distance.  The nearest crag to Crane Flat is the Pat & Jack Pinnacle, about 15 min away.  The main Valley is 30 min away.  Most of the crags in the Tuolumne area are under 20 min away from Tuolumne Meadows Campground.


We will assist with organizing travel and car rentals by helping people partner up.  This will done by via the trip spreadsheet.  Please see the link to the sheet in your confirmation email.

Flight options

It depends where you're going.  Tuolumne: fly to Reno, NV.  Crane Flat: fly to Sacramento, Oakland or San Francisco.  Flight options and connections depend on where you're leaving from in DC.  Generally, BWI will give you the best options.

Either way, we recommend flying on Southwest Air due to the two free checked bags and the ease of cancelling your flights/rescheduling.  Remember, you'll be transporting climbing and camping gear...it gets heavy!

Rental cars

Once the roster is established we recommend that partner teams work together to carpool to the Park.  In the end, everyone needs to be flexible and work together and plan ahead for each day to figure out how to catch a ride to trail heads.

What is the Club covering?

Camping fees for all the sites we reserved.  Everything else is on you, including entrance fees, travel (flights/cars), food, etc.


There are plenty of places to get supplies on the way to either entrance point to the Park from the San Francisco area or the Reno area.  Plan accordingly.  Supplies inside the park are much more expensive.  Both campsites have treated water available.


We highly recommend you and/or your climbing partner pick up a copy of the relevant guidebooks for the area.  SuperTopo generally has the best for our needs. 

Yosemite Valley Free Climbs

Tuolumne Free Climbs

Cancellation Policy:
If you can no longer make the event, please change your registration as soon as possible. This allows people on the wait list to join. If you fail to show for an event and do not cancel within 48 hours, you will be considered a no show. Club members who have 3 or more no shows will not be able to register for future events for a period of one year whether its due to failure to cancel or the person does not show up for the event at all.


PATC-MS Member Only policy: This event is for members of the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club-Mountaineering Section only, in good standing with liability waivers on file, unless otherwise stated

Climbing is a dangerous sport and serious injury may occur.  By participating in this trip you assume all risk of responsibility for your own safety.

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