Backed Up/Redundant Belay Loop

Source: "Old timer" at Seneca Rocks
Contributed by: Marty Comiskey (

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Description (limit to 200 words): In 2006 Todd Skinner died while rappeling when the belay loop on his harness broke. Most of us don't worry about this, but if you do have any concerns/issues, here is a simple fix for your consideration.

Some time ago (around 1998) I saw some "old timer" at Seneca Rocks, who tied a length of 9/16" nylon webbing around his belay loop. This is not to create a 2nd. belay loop (like on one style of Metolius harness), but instead to provide a backed up/reinforced belay loop.

Using a standard water knot you can make the attached nylon webbing snug with the belay loop. He used a contrasting color to make the loop more noticeable.
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