Crevasse escape, a possible fast method.

Source (give credit where credit is due): I came across this idea in THE WORST JOURNEY IN THE WORLD by Apsley Cherry-Garrard.

Contributed by:  Mike Dannhardt

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This comes from the above book which is a narrative about the Scott's last polar expedition. At one point, a team member fell into (yet another) crevasse and he escaped by the following method:

Victim is in the crevasse, hanging in the harness, conscious and uninjured hence able to assist in their own rescue. Victim is being held by one hauler (#1). A second hauler (#2) lowers a second rope with a bowline tied in the end to the victim.

Victim places foot into the bowline loop and hauler #2 takes up slack until victim can stand on the bowline rope. Hauler #1 takes up slack until harness rope is tight and victim rests on harness again. Hauler two raises the bowline loop so that the victim can again step up and the process continues.

Seems like a good fast solution so long as the rope stretch doesn't negate upward motion. (I doubt the Scott team had dynamic ropes!). 

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