Girth Hitching Cabled "Nuts"

Source : I have been aware of this idea for years; couldn't tell you where I first found out about it.

Contributed by: Marty Comiskey (

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Description: Have you ever slotted the "perfect" nut as a piece of pro and then found that when you clipped a carabiner to the cable, the carabiner hung right on the edge or was otherwise improperly loaded or compromised?

Or have you ever tried to slot a nut into a crack that was just beyond your reach? In either case, here is a remedy to extend the cable for clipping purposes or to make it longer to allow you to place it in that crack just beyond your reach.

Step 1: Place two cabled nuts one atop the other with the nuts on opposite ends.
Step 2: Pass the nuts through the swagged loops.
Step 3: Draw the two cabled nuts apart and the swagged loops will draw together into a girth hitch.
Step 4: Slide the nut you don't plan on slotting in the crack part way up the cable. This will allow space to clip the biner.


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