Threaded clove hitch

Source: Tom Bridge – professional guide – AAI, Seattle, Wash.
Contributed by: Marty Comiskey –
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Description: I learned this idea from a guide while taking a two week mountaineering course at 

Alpine Ascents International. Hopefully, everyone is familiar with the clove hitch. Most of the time 

we use it to clip the rope into a carabiner. Tom Bridge showed me how to use it to pick up a

“free/second anchor” while setting up a top rope anchor using some static line. If there are multiple 

anchor sites (i.e. especially trees/good cracks for pro/etc.) you can connect them using only one 

length of static line by threading the rope around the first anchor point (i.e. tree) so that it forms a 

clove hitch, leaving an appropriate length of tail to reach the second anchor where you tie it with 

whatever knot you prefer (bowline/tensionless wrap/sling carabiner/figure 8 combo/etc. This gives 

you two anchors with minimal gear expended.

The threaded clove hitch is not so visually obvious so one should get comfortable playing with it first.

To tie it, wrap rope around tree, pass standing end under working end, pass rope around tree a 

second time above first wrap passing rope under 2nd. wrap – when done it will be obvious that you 

have tied a clove hitch. Once familiar with this idea, you can utilize it with a cordalette while trad

climbing in various anchor scenarios.

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