Adding a Keeper Cord to your GriGri

Contributed by: Marty Comiskey (
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Do you use a GriGri? It is a nice belay device. One thing that is missing (at least in some people’s opinion) is a keeper cord.

I came across this modification on the website To quote the author, “I highly recommend not dropping your GriGri.” That’s good advice, but I’m sure we have all done so, or at least worry about dropping our belay device (especially while wearing large gloves when ice climbing). If you’d like to add a Keeper Cord to your GriGri, here is a simple modification for the original Petzl GriGri (I do not know if it works on the smaller new GriGri 2).

I did this modification to my GriGri today – it took less than 5 minutes to do. There are pictures and descriptions on the bigwalls website: 

p.s. - 1/23/12 - a climber contacted me to let me know that this modification will void the Petzl warranty. Just something to consider before you do decide to do this modification.  

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