Virginia Ice

Shenandoah Natl. Park

  • Hawksbill N. Face: a few lines stand on their own as ice lines; others are sections of alpine-type climbs on several rock ribs; WI3-4, up to 30m, awkward terrain at base of climbs with fragile vegetation so definitely not suited at all to groups; access from Whiteoak Cyn trailhead via Cedar Run trail when Skyline Drive is closed (3 mi. in, 2000′ up, great alpine day when there is snow)
  • Overall Run: Overall Run Falls (WI3-5, 30m), Thunderbird (WI2+ to 5, 55m); Thunderbird is the first area seen when hiking up the Overall Run/Tuscarora trail from below.
  • White Oak Canyon : everybody knows about it
  • Lewis Springs Falls: WI2-4, up to 30m
  • Dark Hollow Falls: WI4 seep to the N, falls themselves are rather tame, good place to learn – if you can get to them quickly, e.g. Skyline is open, otherwise a nice hike from below up the Rose River
  • Swift Run Gap: WI5/M? 1 mi. N of the gap, E above the Drive; if this is at all climable then a further half-mile N is another spot – WI2,10m
  • N. Fork Moorman’s River: Paul’s Place (2 tiers, WI1+ to 4+, up to 30m) & Ice Bowl/Super Bowl (2 tiers, WI2+ to 5, up to 30m)

Blue Ridge Parkway

  • Crabtree Falls: 1000′ in 3 sets of cascades, WI2-3
  • Finley’s Folly: N. of Wintergreen, WI2-4, up to 30m (most is 15m)
  • Raven’s Roost: WI3+ to 4, 30m
  • Apple Orchard Falls: a bit NW of Lynchburg; I’ve not been there yet

Weather, Conditions, Forecasts

For information about conditions in our part of the Blue Ridge, have a look at:

Also look at the forecast for Montebello, which is a village high up (2600′) on the Blue Ridge fifteen miles south of Wintergreen: The temp. shown is at Staunton over in the Shenandoah Valley – subtract 8 to 10degs. F for the temperature up at 3000’… The forecast temps. are for Montebello, though (not far above Crabtree Falls, which in a good winter gives 1000′ vertical of frozen cascades in 1000′ horizontal, WI 1-3).

Road Conditions

The status of Skyline Drive is given on-line at the National Park Service website for SNP. There’s also a phone number: 540-999-3500.

There’s a phone number for the Blue Ridge Parkway as well: 828-298-0398

SNP boundary access document