Member benefits

Why should you join the club?

For a low annual fee, what do you get?

As a member, you are entitled to:

Club events:

We do a lot of things.

  • We have scheduled club trips. During daylight savings time we climb at Carderock, MD every Wednesday evening (weather permitting). Usually about 5 PM until dark.
  • We have clinics for anyone looking to learn anything about outdoor clinics. Clinics we’ve run in the past include:  top-rope anchor building, new follower day, new trad leader day, advanced trad leader day, new ice climber weekend, ice skills weekend (at Mt. Washington!),
  • We have a monthly club meeting with some kind of show, discussion, and club business
  • Our mailing list and on-line groups are a clearinghouse for members to organize climbing trips, mostly fairly local but some throughout the US and even abroad.
  • We organize teaching exchanges where members with more knowledge and experience share with others on top rope anchoring, rappelling, protection, aid climbing, you name it.
  • You can apply for our annual Expedition Grant, SPI Test-Reimbursement Grant and WFR Course Reimbursement Grant.

How do I go on a club trip?

First, you join the club, pay dues, and sign a waiver. Then you look at the calendar, emails, and meetup announcements. When you see something announced you signup, or you just show up, depending on the trip. Some trips are suitable for almost anybody, some are not. Here is a quick guide.

  • Feel free to show up to any of the monthly evening meetings, watch the show, and introduce yourself.
  • If you have a harness and shoes, and know how to belay, you are welcome to show up to the Carderock climbing on Wednesday evenings. Even if you don’t know how to belay you can show up, although you’ll probably get less time in. You can show up alone and you can probably work in with others, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask on the list and see if somebody wants to trade belays.
  • For other trips we recommend you ask. Some trips are beginner friendly, some are not. Some you can show up and find somebody to climb with, some you can’t. It is better to ask in advance. See the descriptions below for a guide to some of the areas we go.

How about snow, alpine, ice, etc?
Yeah, we do that, too. Locally the pickings are thin, but they do exist. As far as this goes you’ll find a couple of things.