Gear locker

As a member of the Potomac Mountain Club (PATC-MS), you can check out gear from our gear library.

Below is a listing of gear we have available. Please note that availibility of gear is dependent what is already checked out. In general, it is first come, first served. The default is to do check-out and check-in at a club meeting, but when time is short and we want to maximize use we can do a person-to-person pass when an item comes back,.

To request and item please fill out this form

You can also contact the Gear Meister at [email protected]

Notes on Gear

You can request that we add gear to the locker, although that is a club decision.

Our policy has been to emphasize gear that is important to, and easily used by, relative beginners, and expensive gear that is only used rarely by an individual. We do not stock most technical rock and ice lead protection gear. The logic is that if you are competent to use it you should have your own, and if you don’t have your own you probably aren’t competent to use it. We do make an exception for off-width gear, since it’s expensive, it doesn’t get a lot of use, and we figure just getting on an off-width will deter most people who don’t know how to use the gear.

The top rope rigs are generally passed out in March to people who will be at Carderock on Wed evenings regularly, then gathered back in the winter and used on some club outings. Harnesses and shoes are intended mostly for beginner outings.

Gear Locker : PATC-MS