Expedition Grant Program

The #1 objective of the Mountaineering Section is “to provide the opportunity for group enjoyment of mountaineering and related activities” (Constitution of the Mountaineering Section-Potomac Appalachian Trail Club).  To support this, the PATC-MS will conduct an annual call for proposals for expeditions and then review, select, fully endorse, and resource (within the organization’s available means as decided by its leadership and members) those proposals that best advance that objective.

As of March 2015, the Club has revised the process for selection.  A total fund of $1000 has been set aside for this annual grant program.  Grants will be awarded up to $500.  It is the intention of the EXCOM to support those proposals that best fit our objectives as a Club, challenge the participants and are likely to succeed.

Below you will find links that explain the application process and the application itself. 

PATC-MS Expedition Grant Rules and Procedures

PATC-MS Expedition Grant Application