White Oak Canyon [ice(tr,trad)]

Getting There:

Take Rt 66 West to Manassas area, past 29 then exit to Rt 15 (turn LEFT back over 66), continue till you hook up with 29. Turn right onto 29. Continue on and make a right on Rt 211 (west). Keep going on 211 until you reach Sperryville (approx- 25 mi). Take a left on to 522 then an immediate left (still on 522). Go about ¼ mile and take a right onto Rt 231 (Fort Valley Road). Drive about 10 miles to Etlan. Take a right on SR 643 (Etlan Road) and then a right on SR 600 (Weakly Hollow Road). 4 miles. Go about 3.5 mi past the ford and pull in to the parking lot on your left I guess onto Chad Berry Lane. There the White Oak Canyon Trail  crosses?  The hike is about 2 miles to the upper falls. The lower falls is approx. 7300 feet from parking. 


1) Lower Falls WI2+ 50ft.
2)Lower Middle Falls WI2, 40ft
3) Bear Falls WI2, 40feet
4) Amphitheater Falls WI2, 2Oft.
5) Upper Middle Falls WI2+, 4Oft.
6) Upper Falls WI3+,  6Oft
7) Ursa Crag WI3,  30ft.
8) North Wall WI4+, 50ft; 
(Top outs marginal normally Top Roped)
9) Amphitheater Crag WI3+4, 4Oft
10) Upper Amphitheater WI2-3+, 3Oft; 
(Another Ice Pillar 15-20 feet above)
11) North Amphitheater WI3, 4Oft

CAUTION: The are plunge pools in the immediate area of the ice climbing where water flows downstream. These pools and their THIN ICE are quickly concealed with the smallest snow fall. Use extreme Caution!

USGS TOPO White Oak Canyon Area

White Oak Canyon Ice Routes