Gunks [rock(trad)]

The Gunks is a staunchly traditional climbing area with classic climbs of all grades from (5.3 – 5.13). The rock is the […]


This a popular club favorite wintertime destination. The above jpg file can be viewed from the documents section on this website. The […]

Finley’s Folly [ice(tr,trad)]

View Google map It was about 50 feet tall, involved some neat stemming, and had some short but steep steps separated by […]

Virginia Ice

Shenandoah Natl. Park Hawksbill N. Face: a few lines stand on their own as ice lines; others are sections of alpine-type climbs […]

McAfee’s Knob [rock(bouldering)]

View Google map From Jay Shultis’s guide for McAfee’s Knob (see Guides below): “As one of the most heavily hiked sections of the Appalachian Trail, […]

Turkey Run [rock(tr)]

From the “deservedly obscure” department, in case anyone else cares (or even climbed it already, not that I saw any evidence anyone […]

Annapolis Rocks [rock(tr,trad)]

Annapolis Rocks is one of the better toproping areas around. They have super classic topropes in the 5.8-5.10 range, and short trad […]

Little Stony Man [rock(tr,trad)]

Nestled deep in the Shenadoah National Park above skyline drive is the short hike from the parking lot that takes you to […]