Little Stony Man [rock(tr,trad)]

Nestled deep in the Shenadoah National Park above skyline drive is the short hike from the parking lot that takes you to the spectacular vistas of Little Stony Man cliffs. Driving south on Skyline Drive at approximately mile marker 39, the Park Service  anticipated the popularity of this crag and hiking area by place a parking lot right at the trailhead.


From Washington, D.C. area, take Interstate 66 West to US Route 15 south. Follow to Route 29 and turn right. Once in town, make a right hand turn on Route 211 West, where you are about 30 miles from Skyline Drive at the Thornton Gap Entrance. Going South on Skyline Drive, you pass mile marker 39, and you will see Little Stony Man Parking on the right. (The parking lot is in between mile markers 39 and 40.)


For lead climbing: A 60 meter rope and standard rack will suffice for most leads. Be aware that there is still a significant amount of loose rock on this increasingly popular crag.

For top-roping: The Appalachian Trail actually runs along the top of the cliffs, making this a popular destination for hikers. Therefore the Park Service frowns upon climbers crossing the trail with long top rope anchors; as they can trip hikers or simply tempt them to interfere. In many places creative use of slinging boulders combined with traditional protection allows for safe anchors which don’t cross the AT.

The following PATC-MS produced guide provides more information.

Little Stoney Man Cliffs of Shenandoah National Park